GICC Board Of Directors

Your Board of Directors (Taken August 6, 2016)


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The season at G.I.C.C. begins May 20th and extends through the third week in September. The club's facilities are available for rent to members.

Since the Club Board is responsible for the Professional and Course staff, Members or Guests should not reprimand or discipline employees. If you have a problem, contact the related committee chairman or any Board Member.

The Club does not accept responsibility for, nor does its insurance cover, loss or damage to golf clubs or personal property.



To become a member of GICC, you must be sponsored by two (2) members of a minimum of five (5) years standing. The Membership Application can be downloaded off our website. The application is given to the Membership Committee for review and then presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Parents, children and blood siblings of members rise to the top of the waiting list. To become a Social Member you must be a Regular Member for a minimum of fifteen (15) years before applying. Members wishing to resign shall give written notice to the Secretary for submisson to the Board.  If notice is not received by May 1st, the fee for the current year must be paid before resignation is recognized.  

Annual dues are assessed in February.  Payments by cheque received after May 1st will be subject to interest at the annual rate of 24%.  Your GICC charges will be applied to your credit card information on file 30 DAYS from the date of your invoice/statement. The Annual dues for 2017:  Regular Members-$1675 and Social Members-$1000.  The New Member Initiation fee is $3500.  All dues and fees are plus applicable taxes.  Please refer to the current Yearbook for the Schedule of Membership Dues and Initiation Fees.  



The Club's books close on the last day of each month and Members should receive their bills by the 10th. Members may now request billing by email. These bills are due when rendered. All payments are to be sent to GICC, PO Box 366, Brockville, Ont. K6V 5V6 unless paying by credit card on file. The Credit Card Authorization Form can be download-ed from our website. Effective January 1, 2011, any GICC Monthly charges not received within 30 days of the statement date will be subject to interest at an annual rate of 24%.



A Member is responsible for any damage or debt incurred by any guests he or she brings to the Club. A guest is governed by the same golf, tennis or bocce rules and attire standards which Members are governed by.



The course is being re-rated this summer (2017).  The new rating will be posted once its completed.