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Your Board of Directors (Taken August 6, 2016)


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Members: Information

The facilities of the Club may be used by individuals who are accepted as members of the Club by the Board of Directors including the spouses and dependent children of members and guests of members. Dependant grandchildren of members will be allowed to use Club facilities without cost. Individuals who are non-family/non-house guest are limited to three invitaitons to GICC in any calendar year.


Rules and Fees:

Membership: To become a member of GICC you must be sponsored by 2 (two) members of a minimum of 5 (five) years standing. The Membership Application can be downloaded from our website. The application is given to the Membership Committee for review and then presented to the Board of Directors for approval. Parents, children and blood siblings of members rise to the top of the waiting list. To become a Social Member you must be a Regular Member for a minimum of fifteen (15) years before applying.

Members wishing to resign shall give written notice to the Secretary for submission to the Board. If notice is not received by May 1st, the fee for the current year must be paid before resignation is recognized. This year's annual dues are $1675 for Regular Members, and $1000 for Social Members, and are assessed in February. All dues and fees are plus applicable taxes.

Regular Membership: Regular members shall be entitled to participate in all activities, utilize all facilities and enjoy all privileges and benefits made available by the Club to members. Any regular member who has been a member in good standing for at least 15 years may elect to become a social member. We currently have 155 Regular Membershps as of January 2017.

Social Membership: Social members will pay a reduction in annual dues, however shall pay green fees for the use of the golf course and court fees for use of the tennis courts. We currently have 24 Social Memberships as of January 2017.

Life Membership: The directors from time to time confer the status of life members upon such members as, in the opinion of the directors, have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the Club.

Founder Membership: This status is in perpetuity, granted to one member of a family through successive generations. Such status may be transferred from family member to family member in the same generation, but may only be held by one individual at a time. Founder memberships were granted at the founding of the Club in 1927, and for a few years following.


Member Events:

There are a variety of committees, including dinner committees that we encourage a new member to participate in for their enjoyment and comradery.


For further membership information:

In Canada:

Herbert Gibson, Chairman,
3 Riverview Drive
Rockport, ON Canada
K0E 1V0