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President's Message on GICC Docks and Water Level May 2017
To all members of the Club,
Usually the plan is to officially open the Club by the Victoria Day long weekend, but delays are being encountered.
As I am sure you are all aware, the St. Lawrence river this spring is very high, and now over our main docks.
By Friday, almost everything  at the Club should be fully functional including tennis, golf, bocce, and the Club house open with running water, drinks in the fridge, and a coordinator. 
The problem we have is a lack of docking, presently we only have 4 spots to tie up at the little floating dock, 8 if you raft off. Jeff and his crew have built a ramp from it to shore.
The high water has also knocked out our phones, and therefore internet as well. Our American members coming in from the U.S. will have to have a cell phone to call to arrive legally. 
The number is for Canada Customs is 1-888-226-7277.
Since we have no phones, correspondence can be made through the coordinators e-mail at These messages will eventually get to me. I will do my best to respond asap.
These river conditions are fluctuating daily. Strong winds and its direction can cause levels to change many inches in just one day. We will do our best to keep everybody in the loop on these changing conditions.
Please do not attempt to tie up to the docks that are under water, as damage to your boat and the docks may very well occur.
We are open this weekend..........but in a limited manner.
Also, until further notice Yoga with Julia Bonisteel scheduled for Sunday, June 4th, 2017 will be postponed until conditions improve. 
Thank you,
George Grout,