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Youth Programs 2017
The Youth events are listed below. 
No age limits on any events-all can participate.  
The fun run is either a mile or 5k and for really little ones they could run up to the first green and back and this is the first year we are having the golf contest but little ones could putt on the hole by playground. 
Also art classes will be divided up into age groups-the smaller children at 10 and older ones at 11:00.
July 5th at 6pm:  Ice Cream Social and Soccer
July 12th at 6pm:  One Club, Three Hole Fun Golf
July 19th at 6pm: Fun Run (1 mile and 5K)
July 26th at 6pm: Family Picnic
Children's tennis lunch on July 7th and 28th at Noon.
Art Camp!  This will be run by Genie Arnot the weeks of July 3-7 and July 24-28.  She will do a class at 10:00 for younger children and another at 11:00 for the older kids.  This coincides with the tennis camp so the kids are already there and can take advantage of the art camp.   
For more information and other questions about the Youth Program and activities please contact Julie Silver, Chairman, at