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Your Board of Directors (Taken August 6, 2016)


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Welcome to Grenadier Island Country Club

A unique golfing experience in an unspoiled, peaceful setting

The Grenadier Island Country Club, founded in 1927, and private since July of 2005, is one of the oldest island courses in Canada, and with its proximity to so many other islands in The St. Lawrence River, has become a favorite for islanders and cottagers for miles around.


The Course

The golf course, 9 holes but with 18 tee boxes, is 2715 yards on the front nine; 2774 on the back. Our yardages were confirmed in late May of 2008 when representatives from The Ontario Golf Association, using state of the art GPS equipment, came to measure and then rate the club. THIS SUMMER THE COURSE WILL BE RE-RATED.  MORE DETAILS WILL BE POSTED ONCE THIS RATING OCCURS. 


In terms of membership, GICC's Board of Directors has limited the number of regular members to 155 and 20 social members.  Tee times, though advisable, are seldom required. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, download our Members Application from the Members menu. You will require the sponsorship of two current members who have been so for five years or more, and you need to be interviewed by the Membership Commiteee. 

Our 2017 initiation fee is $3500; annual dues are $1675 per family for Regular Membership; Social Membership is $1000. All prices are subject to applicable taxes.


For additional details call the clubhouse during summer months at 613-923-5511, or contact our Membership Committee Chairman, Herbert Gibson at 613-659-2027. You my also e-mail us at



In addition to golf, GICC also offers two high quality Har-Tru clay tennis courts. Clinics for both golf and tennis are available in July and August. Tournaments are scheduled throughout the season for both men and women.



In 2013 we were excited to introduce Bocce as a new sport to the island. Our two 10X60 ft bocce courts are finished and ready for play! Check out our various Bocce events, including the Men's Bocce League that coincides with Tuesday Ladies Golf at 9:30 am, and our annual Bocce and Bites event in late August.


Saturday Night Dinners

The real "cement" that glues GICC members together is neither golf nor tennis, but rather the Saturday night dinners that begin in late June and end in early September. Each has a theme. Each is put on by a team of volunteer members, and almost every evening is a sellout. The bartenders, also all members (and SmartServe trained) work under our full liquor license granted by the AGCO in June of 2008.

Other attractions include a bridge club, yoga on Sunday mornings, and a Youth Program headed up by Chairman, Julie Silver.  For more information on our Youth Program please contact Julie Silver at 


Getting There

There are no bridges to Grenadier Island. Located just off Rockport on the Canadian side and about ten minutes downriver from Alexandria Bay in the US, this is a club that requires members to have a boat or access to a water taxi. All of which adds to our uniqueness.

For a glimpse of what we look like when together, click on the photo gallery button, second from right at the top of our home page. You might even see someone you know.